Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Style Boards...

As a result a previous post, I created style boards to go hand in hand. At the time I didn't load them all... They don't really need much explaining as that is kind of the idea of a Trend Board. But basically my initial trend was Monochrome, developing onto the initial concept of Black and White Androgyny which I developed further more specifically ending in how the trend could further develop. (Just so you know these trend boards were created based on research and observations from this time last year). Anyway, here they are, Enjoy. 

Style Spread Board: 

Initial Trend Board:

I think the first two boards are a bit over crowded, and feel the last 3 would work a lot more tightly without the company of the two above.

 Specific Trend Board One:

 Specific Trend Board Two:

Trend Development Board:

Images: Created by Author