Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Subtle Perversion

These images were taken to display perversion in a subtle manner. It isn't extremely obvious but, these pictures were taken of my legs whilst wearing fishnets. I got this lighting again (like in so many of my photos) by turning the light of and using my trusty desk lamp. Often people think there are more than just my legs, but my legs bend in weird ways which creates this abstract illusion.

Images: Authors Own

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


These were taken on black and white film using my Pentax SLR. They were then developed in the darkroom and scanned. My favourite of this sequence are the second and seventh images, I like the solitude they display and the concept of being alone on the underground although being surrounded by people and in constant contact with humanity.

Images: Authors Own


Today with my university I visited two printing labs, one digital - The Prints Space and one analogue -  Labyrinth Photographic. It was actually very interesting to see how printing is done in a more professional environment to what I am currently used to. Some of the printing quality was gorgeous and really enhanced the images. It was helpful to visualise how you could have them printed physically and displayed professionally compared with what I am used to, on my home printer or in Jessops. The Print Space very kindly gave us each a free print. As always I left it till the last minute to decide so just went along with what was on my memory stick, and this is the image I got printed:

This image was take on black and white film using my Pentax camera. It was a portrait of a piece to display people in the environment that I feel represents them. This is a scanning of the negative which you can see although I tried to take care of it, is not in the best condition. Coincidentally I think this fits the image content perfectly 

Image: Authors Own

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Following on from my previous post True Beauty... The sunset this evening was absolutely beautiful, the sun was the most vibrant burnt orange I have ever seen it. The view again was breathtaking, I feel so lucky at the gorgeous sites to be living where I am. None of these images have yet been edited, the tones were created by adjusting my white balance on my SLR, the middle image is most true to the actual sunset itself.

Image: Authors Own

Woolwich Ferry

This photograph was taken when traveling across the Thames via Woolwich Ferry when doing location shots for our first photography brief for university. This picture was taken directly under the lights of the ferry to create this lighting. It was also taken during a subtle jump to create the floating illusion. This picture is also unedited, I like the blue and green tones throughout and the way the light captured the models eyes... I felt it didn't need editing.

Image: Authors Own

Saturday, 10 March 2012

True Beauty...

Here are just a few pictures taken from where I am currently living, which happens to be East London University Docklands Campus... Its such a noisy and un-peaceful place... but it is moments like this that make you appreciate the true beauty! The lovely thing about these images is that they are currently unedited... Just beautiful pieces of scenery standing alone. 

Images: Authors Own


These pictures again were taken a long long time ago... I'll take a guess at 4 years. They were taken for a project from my first college (which I dropped out of). This project title was 'Time'. These pictures were just a couple from the entire selection which showed the development of generations through time. The entire piece wasn't all too great but I really liked these two individually. They were captured on black and white film using my Pentax SLR. The original prints were a lot clearer than the examples below as they're negative scans a few years later but, I kind of feel the graininess works well with the style.

Image: Authors Own


I just came across this picture I took many moons ago of one of my big brothers. This was taken when I first started using a film SLR, my favourite way of capturing an image. I'm sure he will really appreciate this post! Very grainy.. but I kind of like it!

Image: Authors Own


So basically... I am going to keep posting some old work I have done every now and again, until I find the time to update or produce some more. This is an illustration I have created, It is based on one of my favourite childhood books 'Miranda's Umbrella' (not Mary Poppins, as so many people think) given to be at an age I was too young to remember.

Image: Authors Own

Friday, 9 March 2012


Getting a little home sick... And missing my lil best friend! Francesca is my boyfriends younger sister, she is one of the most amazing little girls I have ever met, so funny, happy and always brings my spirits up :) These pictures were taken in my garden when last easter I did an easter egg hunt for Francesca, she isn't allowed chocolate so I went to a lot of effort in finding sweets to hide especially for her... but she ended up eating the chocolate ones instead :)

Images: Authors Own


Continuing on from my life drawing here is a photograph I took of my very good friend. Again, with my lack of equipment (like in my self portrait) I turned the lights off and used the same desk lamp to create this directional lighting which highlights the skin and creates beautiful shadows: 

Image: Authors Own

Life Drawing

When recently doing my portfolio for an interview I came across some life drawing I did a few years ago! I was quite proud of these... at the time! Would be really nice to complete them (I'll get round to it one day) or to start life drawing again... 

Images : Authors Own

Thursday, 8 March 2012


I thought I'd explain my profile picture so here it is. This is a self portrait of myself created for a university project called 'Open Up'. That is basically all there is to it, I wanted to portray myself in my rawest form, to show what I actually look like. Instead of a face full of makeup and my hair styled I took the picture with my hair scraped off my face and no make up, just how I was looking at the time I decided to shoot. I was actually meant to take my necklace off for the photograph and be completely bare but, I forgot! I would rather the necklace not be in the image at all (I didn't actually place it where it is lying) but, it works well in displaying my love for photography. 

I shot this using self timer on my digital SLR (canon 450D) and the standard lens it came with (Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS). As I have no lighting and studio all I did to create this set up was turn the lights out and shine a basic desk lamp onto my face. 

I like how you can see all the hairs, skin pores and freckles. I love this raw style of imagery, I'm all for retouching a photograph to enhance it, but not to change a persons appearance. The picture is of half of my face as this is just worked better for the final image. I can't explain it but comparing it the the image off my full face it is just more impacting. I like the empty space surrounding me, I have a thing for empty space in photographs. So thats me...

Image: Authors Own
Necklace: Ebay 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

First Post

I have recently drawn these images... Nothing much to do with anything, just a few spare minutes and a little boredom.

Images: Authors Own

Starting Off...

Having used a recent blog (with exactly the same layout and template etc) as a research file for a university module entitled Networks and Connectivity, I gained a great number of views (most probably from my classmates) in just a few weeks. This encouraged me to start a personal blog of my own. If people are logging on just to look at my coursework then surely people will look at a blog I am more passionate about (of course I love my coursework, but you know what I mean!). 

So here it is! Practically identical to my last blog, just personal. I will be using this blog to post things I find and images that inspire me. But, this blog will be used predominantly as a way of communicating my own work. 

So here it goes...