Wednesday, 19 June 2013

HOM SS14 Featuring HOM by Jonathan Saunders Continued...

As I mentioned in my previous post I shot the HOM SS14 show at London Collections: Men from the official photographers pit. 

I could hear hearts flutter as the nearly naked men swept the runway sporting and array of sleek underwear and stylish swimwear. Although a brief show (see what I did there), it was a brilliant! I thoroughly enjoy the fast past pace of the runway, whilst obviously this show had its perks. 

Here are some of the images I captured that night, enjoy! 

Jessica x

Photography: Jessica Gates

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

HOM SS14 Featuring HOM by Jonathan Saunders

I have been so busy recently! From interning to a mini get away and interning again, I have not had a moment free; if I have had a spare day I've been working, catching up on sleep, eating properly,  washing and cleaning etc (the usual boring stuff). 

I have been interning with photographer Timur Celikdag and have had the most amazing experience. As well as being the nicest/coolest man, he actually wanted me to learn and I am so grateful for what he taught me. I got the chance to assist on a Mr Porter shoot and two McQ lookbooks whilst with him. 

In-between all this excitement I managed to go away for a week with a small group of friends to Newquay, and we somehow magically went during the one week of summer England actually got. Not a drop of rain with barely a cloud in the sky, I actually achieved a tan!

But, what I really wanted to share was what I got up to last night. I came by the chance to shoot HOM SS14 Featuring HOM by Jonathan Saunders at LC:M. I am going to be honestly truthful, a lot of my pictures came out blurry. I set the aperture too wide and didn't realised I had accidentally done this until after the show was over. It all went so fast that I just didn't realise, or have the time to check once the show had started. Luckily not all the shots I gained were blurry and I've still got loads I can use; so, all was not lost! You learn from your mistakes right? And, I am definitely still learning and I will not do that again! Here are just a few for now, when I get home to Portsmouth I will go through them again and post more.

Jessica x

Photography: Jessica Gates