Monday, 21 January 2013

More Petrol

Today I managed to find a different oil spill... admittedly from the same neighbour (their car needs fixing), this time due tho the lighting, the droplets looked much more metallic, I'm wondering if this had something to do with the snow? Or that the sun was setting? Either way or for any other reason it was still very attractive, but I am finding this one much more inspiring with the holographic trend going on at the moment.

Jessica x 

All images: Jessica Gates

Sunday, 20 January 2013

University Begins Again...

After a much needed christmas holiday, which due to me eating and drinking non-stop I didn't update my blog, my apologies!!! I am back at uni and back into the swing of things, and I must admit I have missed the work. And I am excited to tell you about our latest group project. So to start it off we were given a series of 13 film clips and images to gain inspiration from, after cutting it down to five and producing boards, we cut it downs to two and produced some more! Finally... Hooorah! We have are selected image:

(A1 - The Great North Road (1981-82) Paul Graham) 

Generally as a group we got the most from this image, we all seemed to gain something from it and our thoughts just went travelling all over the place and we gained a lot of linking research. From the photograph I took a picture of some really quite beautiful petrol. I know it sounds odd, but in my next door neighbours drive (thank you to their leaking car) I saw these blobs of petrol, I've never seen it like this before, not just the usual rainbow coloured puddle I always stop to pick up for luck. Instead the petrol was formed in shapes and in the light which showed of the unusual colours they reminded me of melted soldering metal. I just think it's really beautiful how it creates these extremely vibrant colours, where each individual blob is a completely different shade from the next.

I then went back to change to a macro lens and get up-close to the colours and textures. But in the minute that took me, my neighbour had re-parked their car in their drive. I think I may have weirded them out crouched down in their drive staring as splodges of petrol. 

It is this image that we have chosen to develop our final concept from. We are only in the beginning stages so I don't want to give anything away just yet, but I am extremely excited to get it going! 

Jessica x

All Other Images: Jessica Gates