Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Final Selection... Intimate Life

This is how I presented my Intimate Life series today for my photography pin up for marking, response and feedback. I got lots of positive feedback for this series from students in my class and my lecturer, although she didn't let on too much so I will just have to wait for my grade when it's finally handed in. 

I'm personally extremely happy with how these turned out. The images have all been taken, developed and processed by myself. To find out more about the series read here. But to put it simply, it is documenting my grandparents day, mundane I know but that's what intimate life is all about, photographing concepts you would normally ignore. You can click on the image to view it larger, or look at previous posts to see my development.

Images: Authors Own

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Random Post

I have just been putting my portfolio together for final submission for the photography side of my degree. This will include final images from my first year of study. I came across this image after completely dismissing it when the brief had finished - looking back on what I produced for my first piece of work I actually really like this one particular shot. The image is unedited and retouched. 

Images: Authors Own

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Intimate Life... One More Time...

If you  read my previous posts Intimate Life and Intimate Life Continued you can read what this piece is about. I only needed a minimum of 5 images for this series but I got a bit carried away in the darkroom, and ended up doing 20... Here are the most recent prints. 

Images: Authors Own

Monday, 16 April 2012

Intimate Life Continued

So a previous post showed a current project I am working on to portray my grandparents everyday life. Read here to find out more about the project and see my first set off images. I spent a few hours today in the dark room developing a few more images for this sequence. Here are two scanning of two of my final prints:

Images: Authors Own

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Christmas Flashback

So, over the christmas holidays, me and a few of my best friends were at one of ours for some festive drinking. I didn't actually drink because I took my camera and don't trust myself with it under the influence! I've just found these photographs in a folder which I completely forgot about which I took that night. So serious!

Here's a few more relaxed, and slightly deranged ones from the night...

Images: Authors Own

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Intimate Life...

For a photography project we had to look at photography as a form of contemporary art. This was based around Charlotte Cotton's book, 'The Photograph as Contemporary Art'. From reading this book into the different styles of art photography, I chose intimate life and based this around my Grandparents. My Granddad has genetic disorder, Macular Degeneration which has a horrible effect on his sight. This has caused him to almost completely lose his vision. For this project I wanted to display their relationship, my Granddads dependance on my Grandmother and his optimistic strive for independence. There are a lot more images to be updated with as I managed to get through 4 36 exposure films in 6/7 hours with them. These are the first few that have all been processed in the darkroom and then scanned to the computer. 

Images: Authors Own

Monday, 9 April 2012


For this piece of work, I bought two denim jackets from a charity shop and customised and altered them to fit the model and the theme. The theme behind this shoot was to create a slogan for a Levi's based item mine was 'Levi's, Love Yourself and You Wont Need Anything Else'. The thinking behind this was all to do with body confidence, I used two different sized models, and they were photographed wearing the denim items alone, get it... Love yourself, and your Levi's is all you will need! So here are my favourite's from the shoot. They don't all work together as a sequence but I have just included the ones I liked individually. 

Images; Authors Own

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Jeff Canham

I came across these images a while ago when using my tumblr blog, and I blogged about them back in January. When having a quick look back at the old blog, I had to reblog about these interesting pieces! I think they're absolutely adorable! If you can't tell they are birdhouses, and I would love a few in my own garden... when I get my own garden lol!

Images: Jeff Canham

Sweeney Todd

This piece of work was created alongside a good friend of mine who both feature (I'm the one on the left). The styling in this image was inspired by Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd. We took aspects of the clothes (black, red, white and stripes) and makeup (pale skin and red lips) and styled ourselves accordingly. The image was then styled simplistically, inspired by Topshops imagery where the model is against a plain background. I'm not a natural model and much prefer to be behind the camera, you can probably sense this in the photographs. These images aren't recent but it's nice to relive the memories.

Photography: Gary Lam
Styling: Authors Own and Kalreece Crow
Image Manipulation: Authors Own

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Antique Shop

These pictures were taken on black and white film using my SLR camera. They were taken in an antique shop just a few minutes walk from my house. This was a really good shoot and frustrating, I shot the whole thing on a film and then lost all my images because I accidentally opened the camera back before rewinding the film. But I brought a spare film, and did the whole shoot over.

Images: Authors Own


This Portrait was taken for a college project a few years ago. The series this was shot for was intended to portray the female body. This image was a moment where I caught the model off guard and laughing, and it is my favourite from the whole shoot. I think it works so well because it is so natural. 

Image: Authors Own

Friday, 6 April 2012

So... I'm 21 today!

So... It's my 21st birthday, and I can't actually get my head round it, it feels like only yesterday I was 15!!! I am on top of the world at the moment, everything is going right for me recently (finally) and it's my birthday!!! I've been at the pub, had a few bevies and I am now off to get ready for a night out with my girlies... I have blogged this photographic series before on a different blog of mine which I no longer use, but thought it was appropriate for today and I still love the work! These images were taken by Australian photographer, Vee Speers. She came up with 'The Birthday Party' concept after watching her children and their friends playing at a fancy dress party. The images are wonderfully simplistic. I love the slight desaturation, so sweet yet slightly haunting. I also love the styling of the clothing, they encapsulate the fantasy side of being a child, but it is done in a very fashion forward manner. Hope you enjoy.

Images: Vee Speers