Thursday, 20 December 2012

One Day...

During our last project I had my first chance to attempt street style. This was a feature in our magazine concept 'Avenue', for mature women with style, purpose and substance. This proved extremely difficult, we knew these amazing woman were out there, but they were definitely hiding and we just couldn't find them anywhere! Until one Friday me and a few from the group took a visit to Portobello Market, where we found some absolute gems! These women are sure to put us youngsters to shame! 

This woman (above) would you believe it is 63, with no work! She literally didn't have a single crease on her face. Unfortunately I forgot to ask her secret, which I now will never know! 

These two above were so fun! They were best friends and both looked incredible! The one in the purple coat as she walked away shouted 'live life to the full'. It's women like these that actually get me excited about growing older.

This stunning ring that this lovely lady was wearing had a just as beautiful story to go with it. It was a gift from her husband, the flowers on the ring resembled all her children, and she was the vine that kept them all together. 

All Images: Jessica Gates (Author)

Then me and group member, Emily Grimes had the task of putting these images along with some taken by Aqsa Khan into layout, and this is what we came up with: 

Jessica x

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Christmas Wish-list...

Now I'm not spoilt, and will not be expecting to receive any of these, but a girl can dream right! I have chosen 8 items that I would like to get my hands on this christmas:

1. Since going to the British Fashion Awards back in November, I have been extremely upset with myself for leaving my camera at home, so many missed photo opportunities! The ridiculous reason I left my camera at home was because I didn't have a nice enough bag to put it in. Stupid I know, but when you have tried to look your nicest, the usual camera bag kind of ruins the outfit. Since then I have been looking for a camera bag to put my SLR in when I go on a night out. Unfortunately I can't find a 'posh' camera bag that doesn't look like a hikers backpack anywhere. And even though I have found some lovely gems they have all been casual. On the upside to this I stubbled across this lovely hard case leather camera bag from 'drop it MODERN'. I love it! Although modern it has a vintage approach and it looks like it will keep all your equipment safe with its structured interior, containing an abundance of compartments for all sorts. The 'clubbing camera case' search continues! 

2. I love a classic shirt, and am constantly buying clothes in sizes two sizes to big (or more). I have also recently fallen in love with Cos, so how suitable is this oversized shirt, in one of my favourite colours, green - it's square shape allows for a really relaxed fit! 

3. I have been wanting a LomoKino for a long time now. I have an extreme fascination with film photography, and thought this would be a wonderful way to transition myself into moving image. Then this MUBI edition has been released and I want one even more!

4. I have recently come across Regal Rose from twin sisters Rebecca and Louisa Warwick, and they produce some of the most beautiful jewellery. I love this handmade geometric armlet by the girls; the chain is adjustable around your upper arm with the longer chain that drapes below. Something I will definitely be adding to my wardrobe.

5. A dear friend of mine, who I don't actually see often but will always hold close to my heart happens to have the most bounciest of hair! She tells me it's down to these BaByliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers. I have naturally very curly hair but I like to get loose curls using tongs or straighteners. My friend tells me she puts these on first thing, then whilst they are in she has breakfast, does her makeup etc and then takes them out and is ready to go! What a time saver! 

6. I have notoriously puffy eyes with dark under eye circles. I am aware that this is purely down to genetics but I like to try! I have heard great reviews on Liz Earle products but haven't actually tried any.  So, I thought a good place to start would be with my problem area. Eyebright soothing eye lotion when soaked on cotton wool is a gentle and soothing way to wake up and revitalise eyes, which is definitely what I look for in the morning.

7. I have been experimenting with different lenses recently, which I have had on loan from my university. One I instantly fell in love with was the 50mm lens (of which I can't remember the exact one). I have actually asked for this from Santa, I opted for the Canon EF 50mm f1.8 MK2. I can't wait to get my hands on it (if I have been good enough this year) and experiment with the wide aperture. Hopefully some lovely christmas day photographs with follow!

8. Ever since I came across the Balenciaga Cutout Boots early this year I have been on the prowl for an alternative. I have found a few from Topshop (which I have seen on so many feet) to Jeffrey Campbell. But the ones I am truly craving are Jeffrey Cambell's, Roscoe boot. Not only do I love the shoe alone, but I adore this green shade they are available in, something a little different from your usual black boot.

Jessica x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

It's underway...

The re-design is underway! I have decided to completely eliminate the red accents, keeping it simple using just the black and grey. Widened the posts to allow for use of larger images, alongside a simpler title! I prefer it already! Eliminating fuss to refocus attention onto the content! 

Jessica x

Decisions Decisions!

As everyone who lives in England is well aware of, the winter is breathtakingly chilly this year round! And whilst walking around freezing my self to the point where my skin looks like raw chicken (gross), it has got my looking at the amazing coats around. I definitely in need of an upgrade as my current winter warmers are not making the grade for these frosty months. I knew I wanted to invest in timeless coat which could be bought out the cupboard year after year, especially as coats can be very pricey (but well worth it). I have narrowed it down to three clean black style winter coats, versatile, chic and easy to accessories: 

From left to right: Neoprene Oversized Boyfriend Coat, Topshop, £115.00. Zip Biker Coat, Zara, £119.00. Cashmere Wool Coat, Cos, £175.00

Jessica x

Goodbye Pillar Box As We Know It!!!

I am finally free to enjoy the festive spirit of one of my favourite times of the year... No university projects, no work, and no commitments for a glorious three weeks! Although as nice as it is to stuff my face all day (which I am sure to do) and watch christmas film after christmas film, knowing me I will get extremely bored! And it is that reason I have set myself a few goals to accomplish over the christmas period. 

Firstly I will be rekindling my passion for guitar, which I shamefully have not picked up for almost 2 years now! I have been playing classically since the age of six.

I have recently started to draw again so will be continuing on with this but, alongside this and most importantly....

I am giving Pillar Box a makeover, which I have yet to decide on. It just isn't working for me! It doesn't look or feel right at all. So stay tuned to see how this transformation will take form but I am certain it will mostly take shape in the way I communicated, more personally and interactive...

So say goodbye! And bring on the new look for the new year! Goodbye Pillar Box as we know it! xxx

Jessica x

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Final Layout

And finally! The beauty shots in magazine layout!!!

Photography: Jessica Gates
Makeup: Chhimmi Gurung of Call Me Chim
Hair: Justine Houzego
Model: Michele First of Close Models